NEW COVID-19 POLICY & TRACK™ vaccine management system

OSHA has issued a COVID-19 an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) that requires all employers with more than 100 employees to mandate vaccinations. This ETS is “enforceable” by OSHA on Monday, January 10, 2022.  To comply, Carenet is implementing a new COVID-19 Vaccination policy and TRACK™ system for vaccine management.


Carenet Team Members that work in or visit a Carenet facility are required to either:

1) be vaccinated; or

2) provide proof of testing every seven days and wear a face covering while inside any Carenet office space. 

This policy does not apply to Team Members that WORK FROM HOME 100% of the time. If you are a remote team member who does not visit one of our Carenet facilities, we still need you to complete the questionnaire, but you are not required to be vaccinated, nor will you have to submit to weekly testing if you are not vaccinated.


All Team Members must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.  Beginning today Friday, January 7, you will receive a questionnaire from our monitoring software vendor, TRACK™.  This email is safe to open.  Please fill out this questionnaire and submit any required documentation requested of you.  You will be provided a link inside the email that will allow you to upload PHI securely.

If your vaccination status changes in the future (i.e. you elect to receive a vaccine or receive a booster shot), update your information in Tracks immediately.  Additionally, continue to follow Carenet’s Pandemic policy and protocols.


If you are not vaccinated against COVID-19 or elect not to upload your vaccination status, you must test at least once every seven days and report a negative test result before starting your shift.  The testing requirement will be effective as of Monday, January 24.

If you fail to provide test result documentation will not be allowed to enter the workplace and must use PTO until test results are obtained.  The burdens of testing – finding available tests, the cost of testing, and the time it takes to test – belongs 100% to the employee only.

Additionally, you must wear a mask at all times while in Carenet facilities except when alone in a fully enclosed room with the door closed, when eating or drinking, or for safety and security identification purposes.

If you elect to get vaccinated, you will be given paid time off to cover the time it takes to get vaccinated, up to a maximum of 4 hours of PTO for each primary vaccination.  Please note you are not fully vaccinated until 14 days after receiving their second COVID-19 dosage for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines or 14 days after receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.  So you’ll need to continue to test weekly until that time.


You will receive an email with the subject “Covid-19 Questionnaire” from TRACK™ today.  Click the “Begin Questionnaire” button and select the interface button that best describes you – then follow the directions.  


Carenet’s COVID-19 Vaccination policy is in place to comply with federal policies to remain an open and viable business. If OSHA’s ETS is overturned, Carenet may revise our COVID-19 Vaccination policy.  However, vaccine tracking will remain, as will our need to report positive cases and provide contract tracing.

Please review the COVID-19 Vaccination policy in detail and upload your proof of COVID-19 vaccination as soon as possible – but not later than Friday, January 14th.  Team members who fail to submit proof of vaccination prior to January 15 will be classified as “unvaccinated,” which will trigger the weekly testing requirement.

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you in advance for helping to keep our Team Members safe and complying with OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS).

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